‘Reach’ Review

Corinne Crimson has refined her unique blend of pop and dance to absolute perfection. Her previous releases are a great showcase of melodic skills, amazing lyrics, and astonishing production aesthetics, but this time, she really managed to set the bar even higher! “Reach” is a song with a very positive mood. This is more than […]

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‘Cold’ Review

Corinne Crimson’s music always makes me think of warm, summery vibes. However, her most recent single has a theme that definitely suits the winter and the upcoming holiday season. This release is titled “Cold” and it makes me think of artists like Lorde, Halsey and Lana Del Rey, only to mention a few. The song

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‘Move On’ Review

Corinne Crimson has made a name for herself with her striking melodies and uniquely powerful song arrangements. Her music is catchy, yet compelling and inspiring, combining different influences. Recently, she has released a new single titled “Move On.” This song is very uplifting and it holds a very positive and powerful message. It is really

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‘Angel’ Review

A combination of powerful melodies and insightful lyrics with a deeper meaning. Corinne Crimson loves to re-arrange and re-imagine her songs, and “Angel” is a perfect example of her creative flexibility. The new version of this single has a really good production value, and it showcases some of the best melodies I’ve heard from Corinne

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‘Good Times’ Review

Corinne Crimson’s “Good Times” is the perfect summer song, and it comes at a perfect time, now that spring is quickly giving way to the hot season. It will likely become a go-to song for beach activities, and has the potential to become an absolute classic, much like The Beach Boys’ acclaimed “Good Vibrations” release!

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‘In Ecstasy’ Review

Corinne Crimson hits the music scene with yet another exciting single release. This track is titled “In Ecstasy,”, and it is a true roller coaster ride, where a stunning layer of drums and percussion blend in with catchy melodies that blur the lines between dance and pop music, in a very modern way. Corinne’s vocals

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