‘In Ecstasy’ Review

Corinne Crimson hits the music scene with yet another exciting single release. This track is titled “In Ecstasy,”, and it is a true roller coaster ride, where a stunning layer of drums and percussion blend in with catchy melodies that blur the lines between dance and pop music, in a very modern way.

Corinne’s vocals are always the main feature under the spotlight. Her lyrics are inspiring, present and easy to relate to, deeply connecting with people from all walks of life. “In Ecstasy” is one of those immediate tracks that are so extremely likable you just wouldn’t think twice about pressing that play button again for another round!

Personally, what I love about this release from Corinne Crimson is that she combined some cool techno/EDM vibes with her trademark lush and melodic compositions, not to mention her poignant lyrical flow.

“In Ecstasy” is the kind of track that would be perfect for a busy dance floor or a raging house party, or even for a night drive, blasting the stereo out loud!

If you are a fan of artists such as Lorde, Kimbra, Sia or Ellie Goulding, you will certainly enjoy this track.

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