‘Move On’ Review

Corinne Crimson has made a name for herself with her striking melodies and uniquely powerful song arrangements. Her music is catchy, yet compelling and inspiring, combining different influences. Recently, she has released a new single titled “Move On.”

This song is very uplifting and it holds a very positive and powerful message. It is really all about overcoming struggles and making the most out of life! If you can find the courage to be stronger, you can really cross any obstacle in life, and get there where you want to be.

Along with such an amazing message, Corinne also has a stunning voice that reaches deep in the heart of the listeners. Corinne actually wrote this song with the noble intent of bringing positivity to people’s lives through her beautiful music.

If you enjoy songs that have positive lyrics and a great production, this one is really a no-brainer! – Band Camp Diaries Magazine