‘Reach’ Review

Corinne Crimson has refined her unique blend of pop and dance to absolute perfection. Her previous releases are a great showcase of melodic skills, amazing lyrics, and astonishing production aesthetics, but this time, she really managed to set the bar even higher! “Reach” is a song with a very positive mood. This is more than a club banger, but a hit that will connect with listeners on a very emotional standpoint!

The song kicks in with a soothing melody, and Corinne’s beautiful voice brings a velvety layer of smoothness to the whole mix. The track begins with some amazing acoustic guitar chords, but the percussion and kick drum begin steadily, along with the lead vocals. The rhythm is hypnotic and direct, combining Corinne’s vocal flow, with a growing climax of instruments, which grows richer and richer through the song. There is somewhat of a tropical flavor to this release, which gives the song a nice summery vibe – it brings me back to last summer when I had my feet sinking in white sand on the Pacific ocean!

Corinne’s music carries me somewhere else, and the power of her imagination is truly inspiring! – Band Camp Diaries Magazine