‘Angel’ Review

A combination of powerful melodies and insightful lyrics with a deeper meaning.

Corinne Crimson loves to re-arrange and re-imagine her songs, and “Angel” is a perfect example of her creative flexibility. The new version of this single has a really good production value, and it showcases some of the best melodies I’ve heard from Corinne thus far. I love the way her expressive vocals pop right in front of the mix, while really blending in with the instrumentals seamlessly.

The effects on the vocals are edgy and direct, adding a lush modern feel to this release. The vocal harmonies in particular, really add a lot of nuances to the track, enhancing the width and emotional power of this release.

In terms of production, Corinne loves to constantly try new things, and this song has ties with electronic dance music, although it is not your average dance track. The verses of the song are more laid-back, while the chorus welcomes the beat, and layers of melodies, really making for a huge size

This song has everything you would want in a catchy single: rhythm, melody, great lyrics, an emotional performance and lots of character.

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