‘Good Times’ Review

Corinne Crimson’s “Good Times” is the perfect summer song, and it comes at a perfect time, now that spring is quickly giving way to the hot season. It will likely become a go-to song for beach activities, and has the potential to become an absolute classic, much like The Beach Boys’ acclaimed “Good Vibrations” release!

I can imagine this song will end up on a lot of summer playlists, as it would be the perfect tune to blast loud in the car, when driving in the sun, or simply something you can listen to at the beach while relaxing with your headphones on. I certainly know “Good Times” and Corinne’s fantastic performance made me long for those summer days!

This great singer is no stranger to great melodies and energetic vibes: her single “good times” is a very powerful example of her songwriting and energetic approach.

This song is particularly outstanding for its layer of beautiful melodies and for the impressive punch of the production. The song’s lyrics are also worthy of a special mention. The words are really infectious and will make you want to sing along instantly. There is something really special about Corinne’s songwriting, as her words are quite simple, yet they manage to reach deep within the heart of listeners.

The beat is very engaging, and it has arguably been designed to bring people to the dance floor! Corinne is one of the few performers who can successfully blend electronic music with pop, treating the audience to the very best of both worlds.

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