‘Shooting Star’ Review

Corinne Crimson has recently released her much-anticipated single, “Shooting Star”, whose charming and electrifying twist will not fail to delight your senses and win over your heart.

Corinne makes music that has the same colorful, summer vibes of her hometown of Hermosa Beach, California. “Shooting Star” is upbeat and direct, and it also has a very creative approach, in the way it combines modern EDM production aesthetics, with distinctive pop vibes, making for a  vibrant dance appeal. In other words, this is the kind of song you can move to and jump on the dance floor, but it is also that kind of song you want to listen to in the car while driving in the sun!  

This is a fun, positive, and engaging song, from an artist who has already some experience in releasing appealing and well-produced singles, including past gems such as  “Give a Little”, “Fly Away”, and “Honey Brown Skin”, to name but a few. Corinne’s musical arrangements are dynamic and layered, while her evocative vocals on the forefront. Her style is reminiscent of eminent pop artists, such as Ellie Golding and Lorde, but with more energy and power.

What makes Corinne stand out from other artists in the music industry, is her ability to put her heart and soul into her work. Who said pop/dance music couldn’t be authentic?  Not only is Corinne’s music extremely genuine, but it is catchy and mass-appealing, with an irresistible beat and intoxicating lyrics.

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