‘Water is Life’ Review

Corinne Crimson’s music is something that’s quite rare in the industry. On one hand, she is able to create fantastic melodies and engaging rhythms, which truly connect with the audience. On the other, she is always keen on talking about topics that are personal and thought-provoking. This is definitely the case of Corinne’s new single, “Water is Life.” What I love about this song is especially the positivity of the lyrics. The song talks about every creature and living being is basically connected, and water can be the core of this bond, a life-giving energy that’s totally indispensable for us all.

In addition to that, I love the beautiful production, especially the many layers of the vocals, which are truly fantastic! The drumbeat is very punchy, cutting beautifully through all the atmospheric synths and melodic lines, and really giving the song a solid backbone.