‘Summer Day’ Review

A colorful, warm and catchy song with a great production.

It is cold and rainy in my side of the world, so it’s really amazing to hear a song that brings back the heat of the summer. Corinne Crimson managed to do just that with her most recent feel-good pop song, aptly titled “Summer Day.”

Corinne’s vocals on the song are truly iconic, and they merge in really well with the main melodies and beats of the track. This is the kind of song that makes you want to play it loud, and forget about your neighbors! A true banger with a positive attitude and a slightly nostalgic feel, looking back at the vibrancy of the summer season.

This song is yet another great take on pop and electronic music from an artist who knows how to explore the most exciting sides of these genres while still maintaining a very personal approach. What really stands out about this release is definitely the fact that Corinne is able to combine personal lyrics and insightful storytelling with melodies that are extremely easy to relate to, and as memorable as ever.