‘President’ Review

President kicks in with a lush atmosphere and some tasteful guitar riffs, almost reminiscent of artists such as Frank Ocean. Corinne’s lyrical flow kicks in right after the intro, along with a massive beat. I love the punchy sound of the drums and how the groove interacts with the vocals and the melodies. The swirling melodic sounds in the background almost makes me think of contemporary artists like XXXTENTACION, while Corinne Crimson’s fantastically clear voice is always iconic and timeless. Fans of artists like Katy Perry or Halsey will love her presence and delivery, and this song, in particular, has a thought-provoking set of lyrics, which subtly touch on some relevant current themes.

This song is an ode to a better future and a perfect example of how people can inspire others to be more conscious about human rights. Presidents might have all the power, but WE are the ones who can change the world, by making a difference in our daily actions. What a fun way to share such an important message!

Find out more about “President” and don’t pass up on yet another fantastic electronic pop gem from Corinne Crimson!