‘Sunstone Sound’ Instrumental Album Review

2021 – Corinne Crimson is an artist who makes music that connects with people in a very genuine way. Her songs are fun and engaging, and they provide the audience with a brighter outlook on life, giving them a few minutes of a deeper experience of something transcendental. Corinne Crimson’s most recent studio release is titled Sunstone Sound, and it stays true to the artist’s creative background, which is rooted in pop music. 

However, Corinne is always eager to defy the usual cliches of the genre and spice up her formula with a plethora of other influences, ranging from electronic ambient to dance, and pretty much everything in between. This is one of the reasons why she often releases some cool instrumentals, which are just as strong as the versions with vocals, but offer a very different kind of experience. I love the instrumentals for two reasons mainly: the first is that fans can sing along, and even karaoke to the tracks if they want to! 

The second is that just the instrumentals are so lush and memorable, they create a soothing listening experience that’s atmospheric and beautiful. This album is so immersive that I could easily see myself having it on all day long, to stay grounded and focused, but also to add an amazing soundtrack to my day. Find out more about Corinne Crimson, and do not miss out on Sunstone Sound, which is currently available on streaming services.