‘Wild as the Sea’ Review

Corinne Crimson introduces a brand new song Wild as the Sea.

April 2021 – Corinne Crimson is an artist and songwriter who recently released a new track: Wild as the Sea. This song happens to be one of Corinne’s first songs of 2021, and it is definitely a special treat for the audience! If you are not familiar with her music, this track might actually be a perfect introduction to her spirit and creative concept as an artist, and it definitely sets the right mood if you are a fan of bright music with a feel-good attitude. This song has an adventurous spirit, and its melodies are truly irresistible.

The sound of this release is going to be your cup of tea if you like artists such as Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and Katy Perry, so give this one a shot, because it definitely deserves your time and attention! Wild as the Sea could be the next best thing to hit your heavy rotation, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it became one of your go-to 2021 songs!

Find out more about Corinne Crimson, and do not miss out on Wild as the Sea. This single is currently available on pretty much every major digital music streaming service out there! – Band Camp Diaries Magazine