‘Infinity’ Review

June 2021 – Corinne Crimson is an artist and songwriter who has always been very passionate about spreading positive vibes with her music. Whether she is singing her heart out or releasing some beautiful instrumental tracks, she really knows how to reach deeply in the heart of her audience. Her most recent release, Infinity, is a lush and beautiful song with a deep meaning connected to the idea of love. The Greeks actually have 7 different word to express love. One of them happens to be “Agape,” which refers to the concept of Unconditional love. This is the universal and beautiful feeling which inspired Corinne to come up with Infinity.

The stunning melodies of this track and Corinne’s amazing performance reflect the selflessness of universal love: we are all connected and it’s all about embracing the fullness of the beauty of life.

This love is unconditional, bigger than ourselves, a boundless compassion and an infinite empathy that you extended to everyone, whether they are family members or distant strangers.

Infinity stands out as a fitting introduction to Corinne Crimson’s work, because it combines her love for great melodies with a beautiful lyrical narrative. The songwriting is honest and personal and it’s so easy to relate to Corinne Crimson’s genuine emotions and feelings. Fans of artists such as Katy Perry, Sia, and Halsey are certainly going to appreciate Corinne Crimson’s nuanced sound and distinctive sonic vision. Infinity is a mesmerizing song that feels incredibly dynamic and distinctive, giving way to the artist’s imagination, and telling a beautiful story, not only through lyrics, but also through many beautiful sonic textures. – Bandcamp Diaries