‘Carnelian Canyon’ Instrumental Album Review

Corinne Crimson is a singer and songwriter hailing from Hermosa Beach, California.

One of the most surprising aspects of her work is definitely the fact that Corinne doesn’t just focus on a single style of music. If you take a look at her discography, you will find a staggeringly diverse array of styles. Corinne has been known to explore dance-pop, EDM, electro, and more. Her most recent studio album, Carnelian Canyon, is a step into a different direction, with the artist exploring the possibilities of instrumental music.

The songs on this release have been previously published on the web, but this time, people get to experience them in their instrumental form. What I love about this album is that it has so much energy, but at the same time it is also the perfect background soundtrack to any activity. I could see this as being perfect study music for example because it gives you enough spark to stay focused, but it’s also not as imposing as songs with vocals, which might distract you as you are focusing on something else. At least for me, when it comes to music with lyrics, my brain needs to follow along, so I can’t really multitask! However, instrumental music like this creates the right atmosphere and accompanies the listener through their days, car trips, or any other situation when you need some uplifting background music!

If you like the sound of artists such as Moby, Groove Armada, or Thievery Corporation, this one is going to be the perfect instrumental album for you!