‘Evolution Revolution’ Review

“Evolution Revolution” is a killer new single from Corinne Crimson. The title of the song itself is quite inspiring, reminding me of the power of being proactive and positivity: evolution and revolution are always linked, and before you can make a true change in the world (revolution), you need to make a change in yourself first! (evolution).

This beautiful and positive message is portrayed in a very special way here. Corinne loaded this track with a sense of peace, love, and beauty. The mellowness of this release is really smooth and dynamic, going for a steady groove with a chilled out vibe. The downtempo rhythm feels quite relaxing, almost with a reggae kick to it. “Evolution Revolution” is an epic feel-good song, which gives off a strong sense of unity and connection. I don’t know why, but when listening to this song, a sentence comes to mind: “All in All is All We Are”, from the unforgettable Nirvana song, All Apologies. Kurt Cobain wrote that track with a message of unity for all people, and that line really came to mind when listening to Corinne’s songs. Although the musical style is quite different, the feeling and core positivity could be seen as the same! – BandCamp Diaries Magazine