‘Moonlight’ Review

Electro-pop phenomenon Corinne Crimson has just released a fantastic new song titled Moonlight. The track has a soaring introduction, with an intensity that grows stronger and stronger. When the kick hits, along with some amazing synth sounds, the atmosphere is killer. When you thought that the energy just couldn’t get more exciting, here comes a massive tone, giving the song so much edge and a lot of spice.

Moonlight has often held a magical significance for people from all over the world, and on this song, Corinne Crimson definitely managed to capture that undeniable spirit. The track features beautiful melodic textures and lush atmospheric sound, echoing some of the best Ellie Goulding and Halsey, material, but also making me think of some of the more melodic material from artists like Billie Eilish.

The sheer chemistry of each element in this song is exciting and diverse, and it will make you scream for more!

This song is all about exciting melodies and great lyrics, with every element balanced the right way!