‘Mountain EP’ Review

Another year, another set of wonderful songs from singer and songwriter Corinne Crimson! She is ready to welcome 2020 with a bang and the songs on her new EP, Mountain, are a great example of her amazing evolution as an artist, and willingness to set the bar higher in terms of the creative possibilities that fuel her music.

The EP features seven tracks, and each song gives the listener a different insight into Corinne’s diverse creative and vocal range. This EP is titled Mountain as a callback to the writing process that led to these tracks. In fact, Corinne was spending time in the mountains when these songs came to be! 

The first song, Moonlight, serves as a perfect introduction, lifting the mood with some amazing atmospherics. Angel and Fly Away are two of the most emotional songs on this release, and I love how they lead into one another so seamlessly. Shooting Star is a hopeful, driven song with so much energy. What’s special about this tune is definitely the fact that it combines excellent production aesthetics with one-of-a-kind features, such as Corinne’s astonishing vocal performance. This makes the song a lot more personal and dynamic, connecting with listeners in a very unique way. Honey Brown Skin is almost like the feel-good moment of the record! I just love all the energy and the positivity that it brings to the EP! Cold and Glass is another amazing highlight in this collection of songs. These two tracks are modern electro-pop bangers, with some amazing beats and some unique textures! Fans of artists such as Halsey, Billie Eilish, and Katy Perry are going to find a true diamond here!