‘Money Mantra’ Review

Money Mantra is a fantastic new single from Corinne Crimson. This month, she is back with a song that hypes up the energy with a one-of-a-kind rocking feel. Like all the catchy tracks from Corinne’s growing collection of music, Money Mantra has some relatable melodies, but at the same time, the track is really energizing, with some fresh arrangements and a unique take on the dynamics of the performance. This song has a positive message as well.

Corinne started out the new decade by looking up money mantras for prosperity, and so she decided to share those auspicious feelings with a song that feels like an amazingly positive affirmation for the audience, and for herself. With such a combination of great melodies and inspiring lyrics, Corinne is a go-getter who knows where she is headed in her life and music career. This song exudes confidence and it is very charismatic, highlighting Corinne’s positive attitude and one-of-a-kind style. – Band Camp Diaries Magazine