‘Accolades’ Review

Hailing from Hermosa Beach, California, Corinne Crimson is back on the scene with a vibrant, colorful song titled “Accolades.” This track has a powerful melodic twist, as well as a set of inspiring and diverse lyrics.

Accolades is a track that combines symphonic elements with dance-friendly beats, and seamless pop hooks. If you enjoy the work of artists like Christina Aguilera and Kimbra, you’re definitely going to connect with this powerful release. Corinne is a true master at blending iconic lyrics with memorable hooks, and all of it blends in together seamlessly with a driving, powerful beat. This song is like a perfect recipe, with so many different flavors expertly mixed in together, giving it a really special taste.

Corinne’s inspiring vocal delivery soars through the melodies and drum beats, while her lyrics are as enticing as ever. “Accolades” is yet another home run in Corinne’s amazing songbook, and it’s definitely going to become a fan-favorite! – Band Camp Diaries Magazine