‘Ambition’ Review

Corinne Crimson is a talented singer and songwriter from Hermosa Beach, California. She has been perfecting a distinctive blend of music, seamlessly combining strong melodies with catchy beats and amazing instrumentals that add more to the overall vision of her creativity and sound.

Ambition is perhaps one of the most personal and relatable songs Corinne has released. The track deals with the fact that at some point, people might feel the need to change. Life might prompt us to feel stuck in our patterns, and it might be difficult to get out of a situation that might be toxic and prevent us from growing into the happy, beautiful person we deserve to be. This song speaks to all of those who want change but might struggle with their fear of moving forward into the unknown.

With its positive melodies and beautiful sounds, this song is inspiring, catchy, and entertaining. It’s a truly strong message of hope and personal growth, which I feel most of us need to hear in these difficult times!

– Band Camp Diaries Magazine