‘Queen’ Review

September 2021 – We listen to so much music every day, as the blog receives so many submissions from artists all around the world. Some of them come and go, others build amazing careers and never seem to miss the mark with every new release!

The amazing Corinne Crimson is quite a blog favorite here, and she definitely belongs to the latter category. Her most recent release is an aptly titled song named “Queen,” and it feels like a perfect way to wave goodbye to this bittersweet summer, and welcome a new season with hopes and dreams for a better future.

The song is outstanding because of its excellent production. The drum beat in particular, is reminiscent of some of the best modern trap music, with a killer 808 vibe that brings so much energy and groove to the mix. As much as the instrumental is fantastic, the true highlight is Corinne’s distinctive and beautiful voice. She has a special way with melody, and she knows how to inspire people with her positive lyrics. This song is the kind of track that feels empowering for the audience, almost as if Corinne was encouraging the listeners to really make the most out of their lives and follow their dreams!

Corinne Crimson’s music is highly recommended to any fan of amazing indie pop, and it should definitely be your cup of tea if you are into artists such as Halsey, Francis Moon, Katy Perry or Billie Eilish, only to name a few. – Bandcamp Diaries Magazine