‘Sapphire Sea’ Instrumental Album Review

Corinne Crimson has charmed her fans with her sunny vocals and vibrant melodies, often exploring genres as diverse as indie, pop, and EDM. However, she isn’t just a one-trick-pony, and her passion for creating quality music extends far beyond the definitions of what a single genre can bring to the table.

Recently, Corinne surprised her fans with the release of a beautiful instrumental album titled “Sapphire Sea.” The sound of this release is deeply cinematic and hauntingly beautiful, tipping the hat off to performers like M83, Moby, Groove Armada, or Boards Of Canada, only to mention a few. The beautiful blend of trippy beats, hypnotic textures, and liquid soundscapes is absolutely stunning.

In conclusion, this beautiful release is definitely something unexpected from Corinne. It’s always amazing to see artists who go outside their “comfort zone” and come up with new ideas and different projects. “Sapphire Sea” is such beautiful work, with such emotional texture, and it is really amazing to hear how the music evolves from one track to the next. The coolest part is, these songs have actually been previously released, with vocals. However, this album is a new rendition of these stunning tracks, portraying them in their instrumental formats and giving the music a much more relaxed and introspective aura.