‘Incantation’ Review

This one is big! “Incantation” is a fantastic new studio single from singer and songwriter Corinne Crimson. One thing’s for sure: this track is definitely up there among some of the best works by this talented artist. The song combines catchy lyrics with atmospheric sounds and a focus arrangement. Everything in the mix is balanced and creative, matching the lyrics to perfection.

Incantation is dedicated to women, to all the goddesses out there who aren’t afraid to live their best life and know how worthy of it they truly are! Production-wise, this song totally rocks, with a gigantic drum beat and some amazing synth melodies. Ultimately, it’s delightful to hear so much focus on great sounds and so much attention to detail. Corinne did an excellent job at setting the bar higher, going for a unique blend of influences and aesthetics. Corinne’s vocals are as amazing as ever, with so many exciting effects, adding to the depth of the mix. “Incantation,” is a spellbindingly beautiful song, and I am sure that you won’t be able to get enough of it!