‘City EP’ Review

Singer-Songwriter Corinne Crimson creates a unique blend of genres including Pop and EDM.

What makes her sound so special, in addition to her beautiful voice and the amazing production of her tracks, is definitely the fact that she creates music that is very uplifting and easy to relate to.

She tells powerful stories, and often focuses on important social themes. At the end of the day, she wants to use her songs as a way to promote togetherness and get people to experience some love and positivity.

Her most recent studio release, City EP, is actually a really perfect example of what I am talking about. The EP features 6 songs, some of which have been previously available as singles from Corinne. All of them have some city life vibes, perfectly matching the vision for the EP. In fact, this release brings together these tracks, revealing Corinne’s incredibly kaleidoscopic and creative sound, as well as her ability to make music that creates a genuine connection with her listeners.