“Corinne Crimson Artist Spotlight! 4 New Epic Tracks” by Noah Penza – Fresh Out of the Booth Magazine

Corinne Crimson is a sound-cloud EDM artist who has released four new epic tracks, Catch And Release, Honey Brown Skin, Lovely One and Say What. These four amazing compositions showcase the true talent and unique artistic identity Corinne has within her work.

Catch And Release

Catch And Release is the first track on our list. The track starts off with the vocals being the main focus of the song with an airy atmospheric beat, surrounding you as you focus on the words sung by Corinne.

The beat aligned with the vocals create for a strong and confident composition for the sound-cloud artist.

Honey Brown Skin

Next is the magical composition, Honey Brown Skin. This track is more lustful and romantic then the other tracks. The vocals are spot on with the theme of the song. The beat also was carefully composed to help portray the narrative and theme to its maximum potential.

 The track is also accompanied by a music video, which adds a cinematic realism to the track. You can view the music video here:

Lovely One:

Lovely One starts off differently to the previous tracks. The hi-hats adds more of a personality to the beat itself. Corinne’s vocals also fit the track perfectly and make it a blessing to listen to. The build up and the drop in the track is highly anticipated.

Lovely One is also accompanied by some stunning visuals that help accompany the track. You can watch it here:

Say What:

Say What starts off with a catchy vibe. Corinne executes her vocals perfectly in every track. This track especially, Corinne performs with an excelet ability and it is evident as the final track sounds like a radio play.