‘Catch and Release’ Review

“Catch and Release” is a spectacular single that could be considered one of Corinne’s most exciting tracks. This number has a sparse arrangement that still feels incredibly rich and detailed. This far-reaching song was already particularly inspiring due to the charming, dream-like melodies, but this new arrangement adds even more power and groove. Corinne was able to truly transform this track, adding even more pathos to the uplifting and emotional overtones of this song. “Catch and Release” is decidedly one of my favorite songs from Corinne, and her attitude is truly impeccable on this track. Corinne sings with energy, yet her vocals are incredibly nuanced. The beat of this song resonates loudly and clearly, with a powerful low end, which can be felt deep within you, particularly if you are lucky enough to own a good pair of headphones!


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