‘Tourmaline Tide’ Instrumental Album Review

Tourmaline Tide: An album of instrumentals by Corinne Crimson.

August 2020 – Corinne Crimson just released a fantastic album of instrumentals, featuring some of the best backing tracks for some of Corinne’s songs. The album features 9 instrumentals, making for nearly 30 minutes of quality music. These instrumentals are incredibly enjoyable. They are great if you do want to sing along or Karaoke to some of Corinne’s tracks, but they are also perfect accompaniments to your days.

I could picture myself listening to these songs as a work or study playlist, for example. The reason being is that these tracks are incredibly soothing and atmospheric, but they also have some energy, making them more engaging and dynamic. This release reveals the great production aesthetics beyond Corinne’s music: she doesn’t just have a great voice, but she’s got the full package as well, delivering well-crafted songs even when it comes to instrumentals.