‘Say What’ Review

“Say What” is an exciting single from Corinne Crimson. The track is very cohesive in terms of production value and concept, in line with Corinne’s wonderful aesthetic and artistic value. However, this song also brings something new and refreshing to the table. “Say What” stands out for its emotional overtones, while maintaining a powerful rhythmic backbone.

This is one of those songs that immediately captivate the listeners, due to the phenomenal vocal delivery of the artist and the complementary melodies that blend in so well, just like Peanut butter and Jelly on a warm toast. Food metaphors aside, this is one of those tunes that might feel warmly familiar as soon as you press play.

Some artists aim to simply entertain the audience and create songs that people can move to. However, Corinne has a much deeper aspiration. She wants to share her passion with the audience and she aims for something more than just people clapping their hands and dancing for a couple of minutes: she wants to make a lasting impact with her artful tracks, and reach deep within the hearts and souls of her listeners. This song is a perfect example of how Corinne achieve this tasks!


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