‘Rise’ Review

“Rise” is a very beautiful, melodic and hypnotic song from Corinne Crimson. The track has a trap-inspired beat, but the release has a soothing vibe to it, which sets the bar higher in terms of soundscapes and melodies. The lyrics are deep and memorable, and it makes me think about awakening, finally being more grounded into my life and living in the moment. Granted, this is my interpretation as a listener, but I think it’s undeniable that this song is all about sharing positivity and inspiration. A highlight in Corinne’s discography, the track has a charming ebb and flow, live waves in an endless ocean.

There is something about Corinne’s voice here that makes me think of Miley Cyrus (especially what she does on her new collaborative track with Blink-182, which also has some trap elements, and was recently leaked from the studio!) – Comparisons aside, you should definitely give this one a go if you like great music with amazing production aesthetics. – Band Camp Diaries Magazine