‘Better Days’ Review

Needless to say, the last few months have not been the easiest for a lot of people: we all need some better days, and this is exactly what Corinne Crimson set out to share with the world! Her new song is aptly named Better Days, and it shows a unique perspective on her compositional stay and work. This track could almost be described as a modern pop ballad, with some pleasant electro-acoustic elements. I particularly love how elements such as the acoustic guitars actually blend in so seamlessly with some electronic drum beats and with some mesmerizing synthesizer arpeggios.

This is one of the most accomplished and beautiful productions from Corinne, and it is definitely one of this year’s highlights for her!
The vocals are also very dreamy and easy to relate to, with some personal lyrics and with some amazing echo effects that help the singing blend into the instrumentals to absolute perfection.
Find out more about Corinne Crimson, and listen to Better Days, as well as other releases from her rich discography, which are currently available on most digital music streaming websites. – Bandcamp Diaries Magazine